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Wendy-Burruel Personal Coaching and Public Speaker


I’m a best-selling author, speaker, and coach. I use my training as a therapist and my experience working for both small and large companies (like Yahoo!) to help people understand how things in their life and at work are connected. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and in 2011, I relocated to San Antonio, Texas where I live with my wife, two dogs and two cats. I love to travel and my favorite place to be is on the beach (really, any beach will do!). I’m passionate about humans being kinder to one another, because we all have a lifetime of hard stuff that we’re working through and we have no idea how much a person has endured by just looking at them.


I help my clients have happier work and home lives by understanding the connections that are either helping or hurting their careers and home lives. We don’t live in a vacuum, yet we often try to solve problems or achieve goals by isolating issues or relationships – without seeing how they are connected. I help my clients achieve happier lives by teaching success techniques in my books, as well as by conducting workshops, speaking at events and sharing videos on my YouTube channel.


I work with individuals who want to live happier, more fulfilled lives. Maybe you are achieving some level of success but still have not reached your goals. You feel held back at work and in life. You want to understand yourself and those around you better, in order to more easily navigate relationships.


I spent over 20 years working in Silicon Valley, so I really “get” the struggles of corporate life and I love teaching strategies to help individuals and teams perform better at work. Check out my video THE CONNECT MORE PROJECT to see what is happening in the lives of our co-workers and why connection is the one thing that drives success or failure in business.


To be blunt, coaches don’t need certifications or education to help you. Anyone can put up a website and start taking coaching clients. I believe that there are some great coaches out there, but there are also some people who just shouldn’t be in the business. I come to the table with a Master’s in Counseling Psychology, over 20 years of business coaching and recognition as an award-winning International Best-Selling Author. This background gives me unique skills to help my clients achieve happier lives quickly.


We are taught professions, but not how to deal with behavior at work and this is the #1 reason for conflict and job dissatisfaction. I teach people how to understand the behaviors of their coworkers and to interpret their own behaviors in the workplace to create jobs they love. The great thing about educating people on behaviors and connections at work is that this spills over into their home life, up-leveling their life in all areas. We are all taught to wear masks at work to suppress our humanity, but it is in understanding this humanity that we can be successful and thrive in our work communities. Connection is critical to our success in work and in life.


Wendy Burruel Personal Coaching


I keep a low number of 1:1 coaching clients to ensure that I can be fully committed to the success of each client. If you’re interested in coaching, please check out my COACHING PAGE to get information about the program.

Wendy Burruel


While I love working 1:1 with clients, I find there is tremendous power in sharing my content with a live audience in a keynote or workshop. If you are planning an event and are looking for speakers or workshop leaders, I’d love to chat with you. Check out my SPEAKING PAGE for more details.