If you ask people what they REALLY want in life, almost always the answer is “I want to be happy”.

Wendy-Burruel-Individual-ClientHave you lost your happy? Do you feel disconnected from what is happening around you? Is there something that you want to achieve, but you just can’t seem to make it happen? I can help. Unlike a lot of coaches who have minimal education or experience, I have both the education (Masters in Counseling Psychology) and the real work experience that is necessary to help people achieve their dreams in their career and personal life.I only take on a limited number of 1:1 coaching clients to ensure that I can fully support each client. Many coaches will support workloads of 30 or more clients at a time, making it hard for them to recall YOUR information, struggles and successes.

Oh, and I don’t offer a vanilla list of coaching offerings that you may see on other coaching sites. Why? Because selecting the right coaching program is a lot like buying the perfect dress. You want to find the one that is meant for you, not what would look great on someone else. Many coaches will offer year-long programs, 90 day programs, 30 day programs, etc. I offer CUSTOM coaching programs, created to help YOU achieve what it is that YOU desire in order to have a happy life both at work and at home, in the amount of time needed to achieve those goals.


  • Fill out the coaching request form and submit it to me.
  • I will review and follow up with you to schedule a time to talk by phone or Skype.
  • We have an introductory meeting (FREE) to make sure that we work well together (sometimes people just don’t click with one another and I don’t want you to feel trapped if I’m not your cup of tea).
  • In the introductory meeting, we discuss your goals and what you want to get out of coaching. We agree to a timeline and cost package.
  • After the introductory meeting, I send you a client agreement that outlines our meeting structure, payment and confidentiality agreements.
  • When we’ve completed the number of sessions we agreed at the beginning, you can choose to renew OR celebrate your success and close out the sessions. I never want to keep a client who has already achieved their goals OR leave a client hanging because they need a few more sessions than our original agreement.

Coaching Request Form