Are Energy Vampires Getting to You?

Energy Vampires.  They suck the life out of you.  You have a conversation with them and feel COMPLETELY drained.  The thing is, you may not even NOTICE this is happening.  You may wonder why you are tired or crabby often.  It may be because you are interacting with people who are energy vampires — those that literally drain your energy when you engage with them.  After interacting with an Energy Vampire, you leave feeling depleted and sometimes even defeated.

How Do Energy Vampires Rob You of Your Energy?

Every time we have an interaction with someone there is a CONNECTION…an exchange of energy.  Usually, this exchange goes both ways where there is give and take on both parts.  When there isn’t, one person is giving away their energy and the other is simply taking without giving back.  And that’s not always a BAD thing.  There are a lot of us that are “helpers” and want to give our energy to others that need it.  Being on the taking end of an energy exchange doesn’t make the person a BAD person.  It just means that they are in a place where they can’t give their energy back to another person.  This person will usually seek out people who are able to listen to them.  They want to interact with people who will support them, and provide them with an uneven energy exchange.

WHY do Energy Vampires Steal Your Energy?

Energy Vampires take energy from others for a lot of different reasons.  There isn’t only just one reason why they steal energy from everyone they can get it from.  They may be stressed, sick (physically or emotionally) or they may have major life events happening that prevent them from giving their energy out to others.   It may be that taking energy from other people makes them feel more loved, valued or accepted (and we all want that!).

How to Limit Connections with Energy Vampires in Your Life

If you find yourself surrounded by people who continually drain you or provide negative interactions, you can work on limiting your connections with them.  Yes, even if you are REQUIRED to interact with them.  The trick is that you must be AWARE that this is happening to you.  This week’s video talks about how to identify people in your life that may be Energy Vampires and how you can professionally (if they are at work) and successfully limit your interactions with them.  By paying attention to who is robbing you of your energy and limiting your interactions with these people, you will be able to proactively surround yourself with people who lift you up and provide an even energy exchange.