The Father’s Day gift he will love

As Father’s Day approaches in the United States this coming weekend (Sunday, June 19th), many of us are rushing out to buy gifts for the Dads in our world. Here’s how to make sure that you’re giving the special Dad in your life something that he’s sure to love.

Father’s Day Gifts That Speak His Love Language

As Gary Chapman details in his book, The 5 Love Languages, we receive love in 5 different ways and by understanding your Dad’s love language, you can be sure to pick a gift that he’s sure to love.  The 5 love languages are:


  • Gifts
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Acts of Service
  • Quality Time
  • Physical Touch

We discuss each of these and what kinds of “gifts” that you can get Dad this Father’s Day based on his unique Love Language.  For example, a Dad that loves gifts probably does want a new tie or the latest tech gadget, but not all Dad’s do.  For those with Words of Affirmation as their love language, these Dads would rather hear why you think he’s the best Dad or what he did to make your life better.  For Dads with Acts of Service, they really love when you do something for them…mowing the lawn, taking care of the cars or helping with computer tasks are all things that would mean more to this Dad than a gift.  For those Dad’s with Quality Time as their love language, they really love spending time with their family or just with his kids – often doing something that he loves, so this Dad would love to go to a baseball game (or whatever his interest is) with his kids to spend time with them.  For Dad’s with Physical Touch as a love language, they love to give piggy back rides and wrestle with their kids – you know these guys…they’re the ones that are carrying a squealing child over his shoulder and swinging them around with a huge grin.  No gift will replace these needs for the Dads who have other love languages, so make sure you figure out what your Dad’s love language is and then you’ll know EXACTLY what to get him this year and every year!


And lastly, there ARE Dads out there that DO love gifts and have Gifts as their love language, so if that’s the way that he receives love and appreciation, go ahead and get him a special gift so he knows how much you appreciate him.

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad and all the other Dads out there!