Are you feeling UNDER-Appreciated?

Let’s face it…we often do a LOT to help other people, without any thanks or praise. But what happens when you keep doing things for other people and NEVER get appreciated for the things that you do? It builds resentment and limits your connection with others. Here’s how to fix that.

“Thanks That Will Never Come”

There are people in our lives that are unwilling or unable to provide appreciation for the things that you do. We ALL want to be valued, loved and appreciated and we often don’t get the acknowledgement that we desire from those around us. It’s so easy to get so wrapped up in our day-to-day lives and take the time to stop and say thank you to those that support us. This happens to us on the receiving end as well. Sometimes we need to acknowledge that the thanks that we desire may never come. Knowing that can make us angry or feel unappreciated and can build resentment. Carrying those feelings has a negative impact on our lives, yet it does not impact the other person (or persons) at all.


Carrying Resentment Limits Connection

When we aren’t feeling appreciated and we start to build resentment. This resentment is aimed at of those that we are helping, but it impacts us much more. We start to shut down from those around us. We are less able to tune into feelings of joy and happiness because of the weight that we are carrying. We stop trying to connect with those around us.


Getting Appreciated (in a different way)

There is a way to get the appreciation from those that can’t or won’t give it to you. This week’s video series walks you through an exercise to find out what is bothering you the MOST. Once you do this, you will be able to appreciate yourself and release any anger or resentment that you may be carrying.