Lessons learned in Las Vegas ladies rooms

Britney and The Bigot in Las Vegas

This past weekend, I “met” Britney Spears in the ladies room at Mr. Chow in Las Vegas.  I also “met” another woman who seemed SO nice, but she turned out to be someone who felt the need to share hateful, derogatory comments.  Since I didn’t get her name, we’ll call her The Bigot (Bigot definition: a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion).  It was in meeting both of these women in Las Vegas ladies rooms that got me thinking about how we should just be kinder human beings to one another.  I wanted to share those insights with you in this week’s video.

As a Connection Expert, I help people tune into the connections that bring joy and fulfillment in our lives.  I advocate that we connect with other people because you NEVER know when you will be the one who brings a smile or uplifting comment so someone who needs it the most. I couldn’t see ANY reason why we would NOT want to connect with one another…until my experience in Las Vegas restrooms with these two very different women would give me food for thought on how we can just be kinder to one another. This week’s video talks about those two interactions from two different Vegas ladies rooms and how sometimes we should NOT connect and we just need our privacy…especially when we are in the ladies room.

The take-aways from this week’s video are:

  1. When we are out in public and we see people who do not want to engage with us (especially celebrities), let them have their privacy — especially in the restroom.
  2. Whether you are Britney Spears or a transgender woman, when we gather in a ladies room, we’re all there to pee.


Let’s be kinder human beings to one another and give each other the privacy that we all deserve.