Wendy Burruel Reviews“Wendy was a featured speaker at Original Experience in October 2015. She flawlessly composed and delivered the talk was beautifully crafted and the audience felt like they’d been on a journey that ended with a perfect conclusion. She was prepared and confident and incredibly engaging, which is exactly what you want from the first speaker in your series. Her talk exceeded everyone’s expectations and she made a real and immediate connection with this audience and had them in the palm of her hand from start to finish. The behind the scenes stories about working in silicon valley had the audience on the edge of their seats and the talk was filled with smart, candid, honest advice that got beneath the cliches and tired advice and perspectives. Her how things are really done and how they really work content were the very golden nuggets that my audience (and every audience) hungers for.”

– Courtney Kirschbaum, CEO of Original Experience

“I just wanted to say thank you so much Wendy for the powerful speech…What you taught, I felt like I released that negative energy inside of me and thoughts within me…I’m really inspired because of you.”

– JD Charisma (Actor & Recording Artist)

Wendy Burruel Reviews“Wendy is truly one of the most dynamic and authentic speakers I know! She was recently a featured guest speaker at my IT’S TIME LIVE event and I’m STILL getting feedback from attendees letting me know how much Wendy’s presentation has positively impacted them and encouraged them to live their lives to the fullest! She is a GIFTED AND CAPTIVATING speaker who pulls audience members in and leaves them educated, enlightened, empowered and connected. If you are looking for a speaker to help your audience maximize their potential and achieve extraordinary results, then having Wendy speak at your next corporate or private event is a must! I promise you won’t be disappointed!”

– Romeo Marquez Jr., speaker & creator of the IT’S TIME LIVEevent.

“I will definitely apply everything that you have taught me today and will continue sharing that with everybody that I encounter. Thank you so much!”

– Jenny Aguilar

“I just have to say that Wendy’s speech and her presentation was completely profound…really reminding us of how important connection can be at a really high level. She really spoke to me to make every day count and make moment-to-moment connections count with everyone that we interact with. I’m extremely thankful to have been here to witness her live.”

– Paul Buitrago

Wendy Burruel Reviews“Wendy is AMAZING! She is articulate, intuitive, knowledgeable, funny and absolutely fantastic as a coach. Wendy helped me achieve a major goal in our first few sessions. And when my deadline on a project changed and I was faced with an unexpectedly short suspense, Wendy dropped everything to give me guidance and helped me turn in my submission a day early. The peace of mind that comes from knowing Wendy is in your corner is priceless! I highly recommend her services to anyone who’s ready to up level their life and career.”

– Jewell Siebert

“About 3 years ago, I was struggling in almost all aspects of my life due to a major life change. I was emotionally and professionally lost and unable to focus on how to find my way. It is not an exaggeration to say that I was in a dark hole that I simply could not find the tools to dig myself out of. Wendy helped me to realize what it was that I wanted to do professionally and personally. She helped me focus on how to achieve my goals and gave me simple exercises to rediscover my joy daily. Becoming more joyful and focused set me on the road to achieving my goals. I have made huge life changes since that time, including a move across the country to a place I have always dreamed of living. I am eternally grateful for Wendy’s help.”

– Raina Miller