Bet Max

Last week, I was vacationing in South Lake Tahoe and I did a bit of gambling. I tend to be one of those “lucky” people that the slot machine gods smile upon and this trip was no different. I ended up hitting a HUGE jackpot. Not once, but TWICE. While I’ve had “lucky” trips to gambling destinations before, none have been quite this lucky. While I’m thankful for the windfall (and so is Uncle Sam), I did notice something powerful on this trip that I wanted to share with you so that you might experience this kind of luck at the slots and in life.

I won these jackpots because I “bet max”. If I had not chosen to bet the maximum number of credits per pull, I would never have won as much money as I did. Sure, I would have won, but the amount of money that I won would have paled in comparison to what I won by betting the max number of credits per pull. This may seem pretty obvious, but I was blown away by the number of people that I saw in the casino that would walk up to machines, insert their money and the reels would spin and then display the “winning” combination, but they would stare at the machine in complete confusion when it didn’t pay out. This was especially true on the “Wheel of Fortune” machines, where they would get a “spin” for the Wheel of Fortune, but because they had not selected “Bet Max”, they were denied the ability to spin.

Winning these jackpots and watching people refuse to “Bet Max” got me thinking about life and how we approach gambling is how we approach life. I am one of those people who is willing to take fewer chances, but I will go all out for those chances and when they pay off, they pay off in a big way. Those people that tend to take a lot of chances but don’t go “all in” for those chances often don’t experience the big payoff that they are seeking.

Today, take some time to re-evaluate what opportunities that you are willing to “bet max” on and focus on those opportunities because in gambling and in life, I’ve found the smaller number of opportunities with the greater potential for payoff to be the most worthwhile. I think you’ll find this to be true for you as well.

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